Anil Birajdar

Managing Director- Co Founder Beeshma Advisory Pvt Ltd

Anil Birajdar is a dynamic individual with a 15 plus years of  global experience in Cross Boarder Structuring, Fund Set up & Estate Planning. He has travelled across Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America during his career, and has strategized and implemented several client centric structures across the globe. He acts as a board member of several Multinational Companies.

Anil has many layers of experience in a wide range of international structuring across various jurisdictions; and has led teams comprising different nationalities in various projects. He feels at home in diverse cultural settings and also infuses his team members with a vibrant and cohesive work culture.

Few of the recent successful deal closures are Setting up a fund in Cayman Islands which Invested 100 Million USD in South Korea, Set up a New Zealand Foreign Grantor Trust for HNI family based out of Africa,  Registered 3 FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investments) to trade on the listed securities in India .

Anil comes across as a highly perceptive individual with a penchant for absorbing fresh knowledge from different sources, and is always up to date with the latest developments both within his work domain and outside it. He loves reading, travelling, and meeting new people, and possesses excellent inter-personal skills and networking ability which has earned him valuable friendships across the globe.

Languages, Marathi, Hindi, English, Portuguese and German